The Spotlight of the Week

Tara Hardy – At the Table BYOB

At the Table BYOB Logo

By Jen Dean

Our first highlight of the week is At The Table BYOB, a Wayne based small restaurant owned and operated by husband and wife Alex and Tara Hardy. Combining their cooking backgrounds of comfort food and fine dining, the couple opened their restaurant with the goal of bringing about a love of cuisine and a unique dining experience. 


Coming up on their fourth year of operation, the restaurant has faced some difficulties in the midst of the pandemic. At The Table immediately shut down and switched to doing curbside pickup for family sized meals when COVID-19 struck. With many restaurants following suit, however, Tara says they “Went from getting twenty orders a day to getting two.”


In order to adjust to the new normal, At The Table modified its menu to include more family friendly options. They made the switch from mainly fine dining options to elevated, beautifully plated comfort food. With the revised selection, Tara describes her restaurant as a place where “you can have your anniversary dinner, but you can also bring your kids.”


In addition to the menu revamp, At The Table is now open three days a week rather than five and they have introduced outdoor dining, which has helped bring back some business. However, with limitations on their indoor dining availability, Tara and Alex, along with many other restaurant owners, have to pray for good weather on any given day. 


If you find yourself wanting to give At The Table a try (which we highly recommend!), some menu items to note include their New England seafood boil, their squid ink spaghetti, and their 48-hour-marinated wings. Vegetarian options are also available, such as the enduring crowd favorite, mushroom toast, and other options like chilled avocado soup. 


Founder of Local 5, Zach Forman, tried the Wild Mushroom Toast and Squid Ink Spaghetti, pictured below. “That mushroom toast was the best thing I’ve ever tasted on the main line. The truffle cream cheese on the toast was to die for, and the bread was better than the bread I had in Florence, Italy.”


Now more than ever, we need to support our small restaurants. So take out or dine outdoors with At The Table – you won’t regret it! 


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