All Local Discounts on Your Phone

Save money and help small businesses. Unlimited Discounts to 30 Businesses for just $5!

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The Deal

$'s Per Month

Subscription Cost

$'s Per Month Saved

The Average User Saves $15 a Month 

Percent back

For every 100 dollars you spend at local small restaurants, 68 dollars is reinvested into the local economy. When you eat at chains, that number is reduced to only 43 dollars.

How it works...

1. Join Local 5

Signing up for Local 5 could not be easier. Simply click the 'Join' button at the top of the page, provide basic information and payment and go.

2. Receive email

You will receive an email with a link to download your digital membership card.

3. Add to Apple or Google Wallet

Adding your digital membership card only takes a single click. You will then be able to select your Local5 card from your digital wallet.

4. Present Local 5 card and Save

Go into your wallet app on your phone and present the card to your participating local merchant

Local Businesses need our help

When you sign up for Local 5, you gain access to big discounts from your favorite local restaurants.  We DO NOT support chain restaurants.  Local restaurants get increased foot traffic and new customers. You save money.  The community gets a boost.

 Everyone wins!